Pantheons about in this multiverse.

The Pantheon of Justice is the most powerful one on Order.
The Judge, The Advocate, The Scribe, The Executioner (Headsman), The Vicar, The Sheriff, The Warden, The Justicar

The Pantheon of War is another, where a Spartan philosophy rules. (Order)
The Lord-Marshall, The Champion, The Legion of Souls, The Assassin, The Templar, The Surgeon

The Pantheon of Light is the weakest, but also the most forgiving. (Order)
The Keeper of the Hearth, The Sun at Night, The Eyes of Night, The Dawnbringer.

On Nature, there is a single pantheon. The Spirits, with their lesser spirits, guide this world. They do grant Divine spells, but prefer primal casters. They are a natural pantheon, and are unseen by their followers. City-states tend to attract divine casters.

On Shadow, there is a single powerful entity, Death. An archlich of tremendous power, he is served by Reapers and other beings of shadow. Many different religions have sprung up, each preaching his divine attributes. All are granted power, and they often war with eachother. One believes that this life is an illusion and death is the release. Another teaches that the end is coming eventually, and that destruction is beautiful and natural. Another teaches that Death is the actual creator of existence, and he wants people to care for eachother throughout the struggles of life.

The Archfey are many, and while they hold court, they have no trully organized belief system. As such there are thousands.

The mad gods of the Far Realm, grand power, but with little to no purpose.

The Abyss spawns secret insane cults, bent on causing chaos and terror.

The Elemental plane contains two rulers, husband and wife. One rules the Elemetal Chaos, and the other, the Elemental Heart. They sometimes war, and sometimes have peace, sometimes ignore eachother.


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