Arcane Planes

These worlds are places of magic, where reality and magic seem to combine in esoteric ways. There are four Arcane Planes: The Feywild, The Far Realm, The Abyss and The Elemental Planes. Each is an alien place, wild and chaotic.


A place which combines arcane magic and the natural world. It is a place of legends, myth, honor, glory and desires. The realm is made up of four realms, each based on the four seasons. Archfey guard this world. Elves and fey creatures live here.

The Far Realm

Chaos in all its maddness and horror. Dimensions fold into one another, and maddness reigns. There are powerful god-like beings here, but while they command incredible power, they are so maddened they have no agenda. Still some some craven beasts carve out realms for a time. Arcana magic and the mind tend to come from this place.

The Abyss

An appetite for evil, chaos and destruction is embodied in this terrible place. Demons roam this misbegotten plane, and love to sow depravity wherever they can. Demon princes rule here. Magic and all its evil rule this place.

The Elemental Planes

The Elemental Heart and the Elemental Chaos, are two dimenstions of this place. One a chaotic mix of elements, the other and peaceful place of floating earthmotes. The building blocks of creation are here. The primordials lord over his realm. Arcane magic is here in power, but is by no means the old method of power. Like the Shadow World, this place represents many things.

Arcane Planes

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